Stronge Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System

The Stronge Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System is a comprehensive, uniform evaluation system that consists of teacher, educational specialist, and leader components. Each of the aforementioned educators is evaluated against six research-based professional standards. A seventh standard—Student Progress—is an optional, results-based standard for measurable student or program growth. The Stronge Evaluation System uses multiple data sources, including observations, artifacts, optional surveys, and goal setting/student learning objectives to provide a comprehensive performance portrait of each educator. Throughout the evaluation cycle, evidence toward each of the performance standards is gathered via these multiple sources. At the end of the evaluation cycle, the evaluator determines where the preponderance of evidence places the educator on a four-level rubric associated with the particular performance standard. Based on the weighting a school assigns to each of the standards, a single summative score with an associated rating level can then be calculated, if desired.

  • Uniform evaluation system for teachers, educational specialists, principals, district leaders, superintendents
  • Comprehensive, yet feasible to implement with 6 research-based professional standards custom designed for each position
  • Standard 7 – Student Progress: an optional, results-based, extensively field-tested standard for measurable student or program progress
  • Used in over 7,625 U.S. schools and in 20 countries
  • Aligned with InTASC and PSEL standards
  • Professional growth and accountability oriented
  • Multiple data sources
  • Handbooks and training materials
  • Provides diagnostic profile of evaluatees
  • Fully customizable to organization's requirements

Core Elements

  • Performance standards describe the major duties and responsibilities of educators
  • Performance indicators provide examples of observable, tangible behaviors or "look-fors"
  • Performance appraisable rubrics state the measure of performance expected at each level

Performance Standards

Some districts and states prefer to incorporate student outcome measures directly into an educator's evaluation, rather than incorporating them under the overarching umbrella of standard 7.

Multiple Data Sources

Throughout the evaluation cycle, evidence is collected via multiple data sources.

Rating Levels

At the summative stage, evaluators determine at what rating level the "preponderance of evidence" places the educator in each performance standard.

Stronge Teacher and Leader Effectiveness System

The Stronge Evaluation System is just one component of the Stronge Teacher and Leader Effectiveness System.

 Why choose the Stronge Teacher and Leader Effectiveness System?

» Aligns the criteria used for hiring, developing, evaluating, and supporting educators

» Fully customizable to state, district, or organizational requirements

» Comprehensive evaluation system is research-based, feasible, and sustainable

» Recognized expertise in assessment and student growth measures

» Top quality, handbooks, user guides, training materials, and support materials

» Reasonably priced

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