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Stronge and Associates provide a variety of support services aimed at increasing educator efficiency and effectiveness. Support includes facilitating working groups to modify the Stronge Evaluation System to meet state, region, or district needs, providing technical assistance visits for districts just implementing the evaluation system, conducting teacher or principal quality audits to pinpoint areas for growth, conducting research and writing reports on any number of educational topics, creating surveys, conducing focus groups, and much more.

Video Simulations

The Stronge Teacher Effectiveness Video Simulation Library contains authentic classroom videos and related teacher and/or student artifacts with master-coded evidence aligned to the Stronge Evaluation System performance standards. These 20-25 minute videos and associated artifacts depict teachers in a numerous grade levels and content areas at various levels of effectiveness. They allow evaluators to practice collecting, aligning, and scoring evidence and identify best practices by comparing evidence and results to the master-coded feedback. Teachers can use the simulations to see demonstrations of various levels of performance.

Why Use Stronge Video Simulations?

  • Inter-rater Reliability. Calibrate evaluators in your district, ensuring a common understanding of what best practice looks like.
  • Teacher Trust. Ensure an accurate and fair assessment of professional and instructional practices that promotes buy-in and leads to continuous growth.
  • Classroom Impact. Drive professional learning and impact classroom practice with feedback rooted in research-based standards and indicators.
  • State and local Compliance. Meet state and/or local requirements for calibration certification using established metrics and thresholds.

Teacher and Principal Quality Audits

Teacher Quality Audit
Trained observers conduct a site visit to your school to conduct multiple structured classroom observations to assess teachers from various grades and content areas on 15 dimensions in the areas of instructional skills, classroom learning environment, student assessment, and personal qualities. Data are analyzed and administrators are provided with an in-depth report on areas of overall strength and recommended areas and strategies for improvement.

Principal Quality Audit
Trained consultants conduct site visits to observe principals in their daily interactions with teachers, staff, and other stakeholders, to co-observe teachers, and to watch administrator feedback sessions. Principals are assessed on dimensions related to instructional leadership and formative feedback. Data are analyzed and the superintendent is provided with an in-depth report on areas of strength and recommended areas and strategies for improvement.

Technical Assistance Visits

Evaluation Working Group Facilitation
Consultants facilitate working groups to modify teacher, educational specialist, principal, district leader, and superintendent evaluation systems to meet the specific requirements of the district, state, or organization. We work with the group to review the performance standards, indicators, and rubrics to ensure they capture the wording and area of focus for the particular group, the data sources the organization intends to use, the look and feel of forms, measures of student growth, and more. The results of the working group are typically compiled into an evaluation handbook written specifically for the organization.

Evaluation System Implementation Consultation
Consultants work with your district or organization to monitor the implementation of the Stronge Evaluation System and to provide practical advice on ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your implementation.

Student Learning Objective/Goal-Setting Assistance
Consultants work one-on-one or in small group settings to help educators review pre-assessment data and to assist educators in developing student learning objectives or goals that are appropriate for the particular student population or program.

Training Design Assistance
Consultants work with your trainers to help develop training material and activities to meet the identified needs of the training audience. Typical content areas include teacher, educational specialist, and leader evaluation, student learning objectives or goal-setting, developing quality assessments, and other areas of teacher and leader effectiveness.

Interviews, Focus Groups, and Survey Design
Consultants create survey, interview and focus group questions to meet the requirements of the district. We then conduct the interviews and facilitate the focus groups to gather data. Finally, we analyze and compile the data and create a report of findings and recommendations. Typical content areas include teacher recruitment, the hiring process, teacher retention, evaluation system implementation, and other topics dealing with educator effectiveness.

Research Reports
Our team of Ph.D. consultants conduct research and write reports on educator effectiveness or human capital management topics to meet your requirements. Select research reports have included creating a comprehensive performance pay system, evaluation objectivity and elimination of bias, linking teacher evaluation to student academic progress, and more.

Classroom Filming, Editing, and Coding
Using a professional videographer, our team helps you to select classrooms to film, provides permission forms, films, edits, and codes the videos to your specification. Associated artifacts of teacher and/or student work can also be developed to supplement the videos.

Performance Rubric Design
Consultants work with your organization to take your material and create behaviorally-anchored rubrics to evaluate performance in a variety of areas.

Stronge Teacher and Leader Effectiveness System

Stronge Video Simulations are just one component of the Stronge Teacher and Leader Effectiveness System.

 Why choose the Stronge Teacher and Leader Effectiveness System?

» Aligns the criteria used for hiring, developing, evaluating, and supporting educators

» Fully customizable to state, district, or organizational requirements

» Comprehensive evaluation system is research-based, feasible, and sustainable

» Recognized expertise in assessment and student growth measures

» Top quality, handbooks, user guides, training materials, and support materials

» Reasonably priced

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